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Decentralising Biopharma Research

Collectively changing the old ways and ushering a
new era of medicine.

The Future of
Biopharma Research

Vscience is a symbiotic ecosystem aimed at revolutionizing biopharma research by bringing together different stakeholders and leveraging the power of decentralization to bring novel researches to life. We connect researchers and investors to de-risk the cost of drug development while helping improve the go to market timeframe.

We empower the researchers to leverage the intellectual property by turning it into an investable and tradeable asset, while at the same time ensuring investors can take informed decisions and invest with security as well as authenticity of the blockchain.

Decentralising Science for the Love of Science

For Researchers

Easy Funding – With Vscience, you can conduct your research faster, efficiently, and profitably without having to write tens of grant applications. Get the funding you need with a few clicks and complete transparency.

Own your life’s work – You put many years of your life in your ground-breaking research, so you should own the work and be able to generate profits from it. Own your life’s work with a complete legal framework and without compromising on the funding or quality of your research.

For Investors

We bring pre-screened research projects and offer an opportunity for you to invest with complete legal safety of IP-NFTs. Access to web3 projects with complete security and transparency.

Discover new opportunities and diversify your asset allocation to biopharma with Vscience. Invest in breakthrough research and help make a difference. Potential for returns while making a better world.

For Web 3 Community

The Web3 community has been eagerly waiting for NFTs that back real-world assets and have real utility. Vscience brings you the opportunity to invest in NFTs backed by the real-world utility.

The Web3 community has always stood by people in trying times, be it a pandemic or conflict. With Vscience, you get the opportunity to positively impact science and change lives for better.

Researchers’ Own Your Life’s Work

We understand what your research means to you and believe you should have the power to decide its outcome.

Empowering Patient Community

Power to Bring Change

Patients are one of the most important stakeholders when it comes to drug development, and yet have no say in the process. With Vscience, you will have the power to impact the outcome and have a say in the process.

Focus on a Common-goal

With Vscience, now patients have the power to fund a specific researcher working towards a specific cure. Not everything is about profit, and patients or relatives of patients suffering from a particular condition can come together to make a difference.

A Community for Everyone

Vscience is a community for every patient, scientist, and anyone who has been impacted with a medical condition. The one who are or have been in the similar situation are the most-suited to share best advice with you. Come together, and bring the change you want!