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About Us

For the Love of Science

Everyone has the right healthcare and access to novel treatments, but some of the most innovative research ideas never see the light of the day due to lack of funding.  The current biopharma investing model is broken and we here at Vscience aims to fix it. Using Blockchain and NFTs, we aim to bring together retail investors and patient community to become part of life-changing research. The centralised funding mechanism needs to be supported if not completely replaced by decentralised funding mechanism. Vscience is an ecosystem that will aid in bringing biopharma research to life.

Our Goals

We believe in the power of a decentralised community to empower researchers and patients.

Our goal is to ensure that breakthrough innovative research gets access to funding and is supported through the way. Biopharma research is hard and only things researchers should be focussing on is the research, and not writing grant applications or following up with officials to receive the grant money. Our ecosystem will use blockchain and NFTs to turn research IP into tradeable asset allowing citizen scientist, patients, and philanthropists to directly fund research they are passionate about. The IP-NFTs will also create a new asset class for investors who wish to diversify and gain exposure to biopharma research. We will continue our efforts until Science wins!

How Can We Help

Vscience is an open ecosystem and community that anyone can be part of and collectively help in advancing science. Our platform will help in easy funding for researchers while enabling patients and researchers to own and govern IP-assets. With Vscience, researchers will have access to fundings and collaboration like never before. On the other hand, patients and investors will formally be able to become a part of biopharma research and development with the security and authenticity of blockchain.

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