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How It Works

We, at Vscience, are building an ecosystem for decentralising biopharma research. We aim to make lives easier for researchers by providing an alternative medium for funding, while ensuring that patients become decision-makers and can get access to treatments faster.

1. A New Research IdeaResearchers share the research idea along with preliminary data with the community.
2. The CommunityA community of like-minded individuals come together and may form a DAO.
3. Funding The researchers receive the funding for the research and funders get an NFT for their contribution.
4. IP-NFT IP-NFT is legally backed and the NFT holders have partial ownership of the IP.
5. IP CommercialisationThe IP is commercialised, and researchers as well as the contributors receive returns.
6. Re-investmentThe DAO can then fund further studies making scientific research automated and decentralised. Science Wins!